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Sales Planning Made Simple.

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Aligned and focused for growth

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Supercharge your growth

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One Integrated Plan

Align Sales, Marketing, and Operations inputs in a single plan for leadership

Ongoing critical activities and adjustments

Focus on critical activities across the organization that will drive to meeting  your goals. Remain nimble by making the necessary adjustments.

Drive Business Outcomes

Ensure your plan and adjustments are focused on delivering the desired business outcomes. Provide management with key analysis to make critical decisions.

Sales is an outcome, not a goal. It’s a function of doing numerous things right, starting from the moment you target a potential prospect until you finalize the deal.

Jill Konrath

#Sales-Driven Planning

Driving your best performance

PLNR - Sales-Driven Planning - Continuous Sales Planning Framework

Strategic Planning

Complete your strategic plan to come up your sales targets. Set your sales targets using a top down approach to kick off your annual planning. Your sales teams build up their budgets from the bottom up based on their existing customer portfolio and sales pipeline.

Implement the plan with concrete actions

Your sales teams build up their budgets from the bottom up based on their existing customer portfolio and sales pipeline.

Analyze your performance

Monitor and analyze your progress against the annual plan. Compare your budget versus actual performance and work with your sales team to explain the variances. Perform "What-If" scenarios and understand your trends.

Plan adjustments

Adopt a #Sales-Driven Planning approach to make adjustments and close the gap to plan. Implement territory optimization, sales & marketing incentives, and other business levers to exceed your plan.
Activity Plan
Activity Plans

Sales and Marketing activities that deliver results

Embed key activities as part of your Sales and Marketing plan that helps grow your business. This will allow your team to focus on taking steps that create value for your organization and customers alike.

Create activity plans at the territory, customer, or opportunity levels that allow sales, marketing and other functions within your organization to collaborate in driving greater value for your customers.

Approval Process

Robust planning approval processes for your teams

Leverage approval processes within your overall planning cycles to ensure your team is working closely on building a solid Sales and Marketing plan to best serve your customers.

We can tailor such process to best suit your organizational needs.

Approval Process

Planning Models

Create business plans based on pre-defined planning models that incorporate your territories, customers, and sales pipeline information in a secure and collaborative manner.


Our Territory Planning models are based on your territory models in Salesforce and allow you to build budgets and forecasts at each level of your territory hierarchy.


Build account plans that align Sales and Marketing efforts to grow your business. Incorporate your sales pipeline with your existing business to close any gaps with your targets.

Sales Opportunities

Manage actionable plans for each opportunity in your pipeline and understand their impact on key financial and non-financial metrics for your business.

Custom Planning Models

Add custom planning models based on your customer and sales information to budget and forecast different aspects of your business.

Powerful Analytics

PLNR helps your teams achieve Sales Planning Excellence

Adopt a culture of driving high performance with your sales team by providing them with the necessary tools to stay focused on your targets

Driver Based Planning

Let Sales drive your budgets and forecasts for all aspects of your business

Rolling Forecasts

Always maintain your focus on the planning horizon and know where you stand

Gap Mitigation Planning

Create a dynamic actionable plan to ensure you close any gaps to targets

Robust and Comprehensive

Key Features


Leverage Multi-Currency and Advanced Multi-Currency features to build plans in local and corporate currencies.

Territory Management

Leverage your Territory Models to build your overall Target setting and bottom-up budgeting and forecasting.

Planning and Approval Workflows

Implement robust planning and approval workflows across your Sales and Marketing organizations

Key Performance Indicators

Define and plan against your Financial and Non-Financial KPIs

Reports & Dashboards

Leverage out of the box Reports and Dashboards to analyze budgets and forecasts. Build advanced visualizations with Tableau CRM.

Artificial Intelligence

Utilize Artificial Intelligence capabilities (Einstein) to uncover and mitigate against business risk.

Security Model

Your planning activities are governed by your existing security model within your Salesforce environment

Data Integration

Bring in data from your ERP and other corporate systems of record to inform your budgeting and forecasting activities using our built-in integration platform options.

Intuitive User Experience

Intuitive and spreadsheet-like experience allows your team to plan in a familiar environment

Built on the Salesforce Platform™

Highly innovative technology platform

Salesforce® is known as one of the most innovative technology companies today and over the years demonstrate its leadership in various areas from being a pioneer of the cloud revolution to incorporating the latest technologies as part of its technology platform.

PLNR — Sales Driven Planning is built on the Salesforce PlatformTM and therefore is able to leverage all the latest innovation from Salesforce® as we continually improve the features and functionality of our application.

We closely follow the Salesforce® releases which take place three times a year. You will continually benefit from new and improved features of our application.

You can review the latest innovation from Salesforce® here.

Intuitive User Experience

Our application offers an intuitive user interface that allows your team to navigate and utilize the application easily. We leverage the Salesforce Lightning Design System in our approach to ensure a seamless user experience. You can learn more here.

Given the nature of our application, we have to collect and display a vast amount of data while balancing application performance.

We utilize additional user interface frameworks that allow users to maximize the utility of the application while reducing the number of clicks.

Access your information and work on the go via your mobile and tablet devices

In today’s fast paced marketplace, your team needs to be agile and mobile. It is critical that key applications work on all devices so your team remains productive and attentive to your customers’ needs.

Field Sales teams have to be able to operate their sales and planning activities on the go. Adopting a Continuous Sales Planning approach, your team will need to perform all aspects of planning, including making critical updates before and after meeting with customers.

You can utilize PLNR – Sales-Driven Planning on your tablet (preferable) and mobile devices. All enhancements made are automatically enabled for the mobile experience. You do not require any specialized apps on your device apart from the native Salesforce® mobile app.

You can learn more about mobility on the Salesforce® platform here.

Trusted globally by leading enterprises


The Salesforce® platform has gained the trust of companies worldwide since the early days of Cloud Computing. To this day, the platform remains very transparent about its security status. You can learn more here.

As part of its constant innovation, Salesforce® continues to implement more advanced and uptodate security features such as:

  • Encryption
  • Multi-Factor Authentication
  • Single Sign-On
  • Data Privacy (and compliance frameworks)
  • Other necessary tools to comply with FEDRAMP and other governmental policies
Your Data

With PLNR, your data never leaves the Salesforce® platform since our app is native to the platform.

Security Model

Our app leverages the existing security model that you establish in your Salesforce® environment. There is not additional security maintenance needed apart from providing access to the licenses for your users.

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