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The growth imperative for companies is hardly a new aspiration; however, with the advent of COVID-19, many found themselves ill-prepared to not only adapt to the changing marketplace but also remain on any sort of growth trajectory.

Today’s business environment is replete with paradigms, ideas, and approaches on how to achieve growth at the enterprise level — especially when considering the growth strategies employed by start-ups. This has led to an environment with too much “noise” on how to grow a business and created the need for concrete processes and tools that can be easily implemented within the organization effectively and predictably.

To achieve the focus on growth and ensure organizational alignment across functions, from Sales to Marketing and Operations, companies need to adopt a Sales-Driven Planning approach to build a single collaborative plan. Without such a focus and alignment, companies can waste enormous resources and investments on Sales and Marketing efforts that fail to deliver the desired growth.

Sales and Marketing teams are in tune with Marketplace Reality

Marketplace reality referred to as the “local experience”, becomes a critical element of planning your business in chaotic or disruptive market conditions; companies can’t expect the future to be a projection of the past and their planning cannot be built using historical trends. Planning processes and tools have to enable the organization to survey and reflect marketplace reality in a rapid, efficient, and scalable manner.

A New Paradigm

Sales-Driven Planning

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